Do hawks mate for life?

Donna asked the question “do hawks mate for life?” Her research discovered several sources that agreed they do; however, scientists have learned from DNA testing that typically 40% of the offspring are not fathered by the mate. Apparently, while the male is out philandering around, the same thing is happening at his nest.

Mr. and Mrs. Red-shouldered Hawk come to visit.

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  1. sarah Hewitt says:

    Yesterday morning I heard this screaming from the front lawn. Looking out I saw two hawk red tail hawks on the ground. One hawk was actually grabbing the other and just flipping it over over as it rolled across the ground. Quite a site to see the wing span as it flipped. This went on for over five minutes. I tried to get a video however, as I was sneaking to take video another hawk started to dive at me and warned the two on the ground. All three flew off. An amazing site. I assume they were mating since there was nothing dead on the ground that they would have been fighting over. Would that be correct or do they sometimes attack each other. Sarah from Cape Cod MA.

  2. John says:

    Hi, Sarah. Not sure what your Red Shouldered hawks were doing. I got a lot of answers to my questions calling the state wildlife agency. I eventually found the right person with lots of good info. I would think there are similar resources in Massachusetts. Please share what you find out. Thanks for commenting. John from MD.

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